Sonic The Hedgehog: The Chaos Ring Saga
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Welcome to the fourth epic chapter in the "New Sonic Adventures" mythology. Should you be a new reader, I urge you to check out the Links section of this website and view the previous instalments which have brought us to this point in the tale.
This comic is divided into Four Parts and seperate Sections. Each Section displays Four Full Size Pages of the Comic, this can cause slow loading times as the pictures are big in order for you to get the best experiance out of the Comic so I ask you to be patient. Each Part of the Comic comes with optional Author's Commentary, which can be accessed at any time by either using the Navigation bar or clicking any Page of a Comic.  Please take the time to Sign My Guestbook.
Thank You and Enjoy.

DG Comic
I found my Chao Type at DG Comix

06 November 2006: The Time Stone Saga has been Remastered into a special edition! Go check it out at the Links section and re-discover the Saga like never before!
30 August 2005: Author's Commentaries have been added for each Part of the Saga.
22 May 2005: "Tales Of Shadow 4: Residual Chaos" has been completed on the "Sonic Specials" web link.
09 January 2005: Finally got back into the website, Links all updated throughout! Yay!
20 April 2004: Site re-vamp ends
19 April 2004: Site re-vamp begins until further notice

The Chaos Ring Saga
Good Vs Evil in the race for the Chaos Ring!

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